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Can toys really be environmentally friendly?

17 May 2019 | leaf_admin

Many of us will remember playing with a huge collection of brightly coloured plastic toys throughout our childhood— but did our guardians ever stop to think about where these toys end up after we grew tired of them?


Environmentalists have claimed that the toy industry is a big contributor towards the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills, or sadly in the ocean. If David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has taught us anything then it’s that we all need to make a conscious effort to work together in reducing the amount of plastic that is produced and discarded so needlessly.


Introducing Dantoy’s BIO Plastic range…

Last year, Leaf Education was on the hunt for toys that could reduce the amount of plastic products on the market. When Dantoy unveiled their BIO Plastic range, we instantly noticed how durable, flawless and beautifully manufactured the toys were, making them suitable for endless role play. But the question we were all asking is what makes the range a BIO product? The answer being that the products are not plastic at all— but, an ingenious manipulation of sugarcane into something that mimics and advances plastic’s qualities so perfectly.


Dantoy’s stunning statement offers an opportunity for toy manufacturers to think about how they can make a difference to our planet. By providing young minds with products made from 100% sustainable materials at the earliest stages of development; we can ensure that there is a green planet for them to flourish in and nurture for future generations, making a small difference to the damage that society is responsible for.


Dantoy’s versatile BIO Plastic range is ever-growing with new additions being added at an increasing rate. The staple products of the range currently include; dining sets, sand and water accessories as well as the increasingly popular BIO Trucks.